Thermo Treated Ash Decking

Thermo Treated Ash (TTA) decking is an enhanced decking type that is highly resistant to insects & water. The decking species is Ash wood – Which goes through a thermal modification process that alters the wood’s chemical and physical properties.


The timber is effected on a molecular basis, which makes it superior regarding weathering, insect resistance and natural timber movement. This limits the ability of the wood to absorb moisture, so products are more dimensionally stable and less prone to cup, warp and twist with changes in humidity. The thermal modification process also removes the nutrients in wood that would otherwise provide a food source for insects and wood-destroying fungi. This increase in dimensional stability and decay resistance significantly extends the service life and reduces maintenance needs of the decking. Given these qualities, Thermo treated ash decking can be installed by a coastal environment or inland with no compromise on it its aesthetics, or quality.


  1. Stable geometry of products.
  2. Biological stability.
  3. Insects, bugs, larvae won’t appear in the wood.
  4. No visible surface fixings
  5. Reduces timber damage and decay
  6. Faster installation
  7. Installation over existing timber, sheet floor, battens and concrete
  8. No popping Nails for kids to cut their feet on
  9. No hammering popping nails to re fix
  10. Thermo-treating wood burns, but the positive result consists that the Thermo-treating wood allocates carbonic monoxide less; beneficial to the environment.
  11. Finished planks, can stay for a long time in cold shops without heating, wait a long time of departure on the construction site awaiting installation
  12. Low thermal conductivity of Thermo-treating wood.
  13. “Green” product, environmental friendliness.


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