We do not always sell staircases made entirely of timber, yet we are very aware of the material’s charm. Wood is warm and friendly, and homely. It is also a fairly soft material that is easy to work with. Because of this, we make use of wood in many different ways: in modern or more traditional designs, in closed tread models or more transparent styles.


We can produce timber staircases in many different styles. Nonetheless, timber combined with such materials can form a very exclusive staircase. Whatever your preference, you can be assured of a quality product when you choose forest flooring to install your staircase that is timeless, tasteful and personalised.


It’s only when you stop to look at the individual elements of the staircase, that you can begin to decipher your responses to it. How is it constructed? What elements are showcased? What parts are minimized? What building materials are used?


As a short primer, some terminology can be helpful.

As known, staircases are made up of steps. we manufacture, install and design the treads (where your foot lands), the risers (vertical portion between the treads), balustrades/ railing system (that keeps one from falling over the edge) Beyond this, there are many other components of a staircase – present making up its design that can be used together with our wood based elements to make up the complete structure.


  • Sleek wooden treads supported by metal balusters practically take no space at all in a living space
  • Extremely durable and easy to maintain
  • Aesthetics and variety of colour finishes
  • Construction time is relatively less.


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