Originally designed to fill the gap between wall and floor and protect walls from dirt and damage, skirting boards have evolved to provide a more decorative finish to a home. While older homes may feature skirting boards that are ornate and elaborate in design, modern skirting boards are simple and elegant.




  • Sleek wooden treads supported by metal balusters practically take no space at all in a living space
  • Extremely durable and easy to maintain
  • Aesthetics and variety of colour finishes
  • Construction time is relatively less.


In architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor moulding, as well as base moulding) is a (generally wooden) board covering the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It covers the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall; protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture; and can serve as a decorative moulding. At its simplest, baseboard consists of a simple plank nailed, screwed or glued to the wall; however, particularly in older houses, it can be made up of a number of mouldings for decoration.


Skirtings are an attractive feature in any room and are very easy to install. Removing old skirtings may be the time-consuming, but it’s well worth taking your time to work carefully and cause as little damage as possible to the wall and floor surfaces.


We specialize in the manufacturing, supply and installation of skirting boards. We have a wide range of skirting profiles. We manufacture our mouldings in various sizes. Skirting’s have become a very important factor when renovating or building a new house. Many interior designers believe that skirting is one of the most impressive finishes that go through the whole house. It compliments a floor covering no matter what type of floor you choose. From wall to wall carpeting to laminate flooring.


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